Memesys Culture Lab

Memesys Culture Lab is a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. The studio will actively participate in cinema, literature, pedagogy, technology, ar Read More...

Anand Gandhi

Anand Gandhi is a filmmaker and entrepreneur, deeply interested in philosophy, evolutionary psychology, innovation and the future. “Ship of Theseus”, his first feature premiered at TIFF ’12 and has since been recognized as “the most significant film to come out of India in decades” by critics and audiences alike. It was presented the National Award in 2014. It has won p Read More...

Zain Memon

Zain Memon is a ludologist, storyteller, media-tech specialist, media producer and co-founder of Memesys Culture Lab. He functions as the CTO-COO, playing a pivotal role in the virtual reality ecosystem out of the Indian subcontinent, and has designed state-of-the-art workflows and immersive grammatical tools for Mixed Reality. Zain is the creator of SHASN, a highly-anticipated p Read More...

Khushboo Ranka
Creative Director

Khushboo has had experience in the fields of journalism, graphic design and writing for a number of years, before she moved to filmmaking. “Continuum,” a short film she wrote and directed at the age of 20, won the best short film at the Hannover Film Festival. She next co-wrote the internationally acclaimed fiction feature film “Ship of Theseus.” Her versatility gave rise Read More...

Vinay Shukla

Vinay Shukla is a filmmaker, producer and actor. His persisting fascination with the Indian politics has shaped two acclaimed narrative projects for him: “Bureaucracy Sonata”, a short film he wrote and directed in 2011, which premiered at the 42nd International Film Festival of India and won the HBO Best Short Film Award in New York at SAIFF 2012; and “An Insignificant Man,” Read More...

Neil Pagedar
Head of Content

Neil Pagedar is a writer and filmmaker. Neil has formerly worked on documentaries for Films Division. He is currently working on his first novel. Neil comes from a strong storytelling tradition, and is easily excited by ideas. He is deeply interested in history, culture, and music, and is a natural at drawing narrative out of concepts and tech ideas. Neil is a hobbyist musician.

Pooja Shetty
Head of Design

Pooja Shetty is an architect and designer. She has previously worked for UN Habitat’s low cost housing project in Iraq. She has been the production designer for “Ship of Theseus”, and “Tumbbad”. Pooja is also an illustrator and is working on an illustrated guide to astounding animal species. For the past few years she has been working independently in architecture and desig Read More...

In the News

SHASN - Name announcement


We are thrilled to unveil the new name of our flagship game! Presenting: Shasn - The Political Strategy Board Game Shasn (formerly known as Manifesto) is an exciting simulation of real-world politics, where every player is a politician in the middle of a heated election.

What is going on?


What is going on? While we understand that juries have responsibilities towards secrecy and they have the exclusive right to give or not give awards to films, the story regarding our film's fate at the national awards is slowly turning into an unpleasant Chinese torture for everyone associated with our film. Can we just clear the air here? We have tried to keep our distance from this issue but we have crowdfunding investors, supporting organisations, producers and crew members who are asking us questions regarding this situation and we have no answers for them. Can somebody from the National Awards jury kindly just step up and clarify if this happened or not?

Announcing our University Tour! If you'd like to screen An Insignificant Man in your university with the directors being present physically or on Skype, give us a shout! You can be based anywhere in the world.


Announcing our University Tour! If you'd like to screen An Insignificant Man in your university with the directors being present physically or on Skype, give us a shout! You can be based anywhere in the world.

We are now onto the most critical stretch of our run with this film - talking to students and teachers! Now is an important time to speak about, understand and engage in a meaningful dialogue with our politics instead of getting lost in the polemical chatter that exists around us. We'd like to talk to you individually and personally - share our journey and perspectives - in classrooms. If you'd like help us organise a screening, just put your name in the comments section or drop us a line at


Vice Talks Film: How Two First-Time Directors Made a Radical Documentary on Indian Politics


Want to know how An Insignificant Man was made? Watch the latest episode of "Vice Talks Film" feat. directors Khushboo Ranka & Vinay Shukla.

Full film released on YouTube!


Full film released on YouTube! After running to packed houses for a month in theatres across India, the filmmakers have put the film online for free. Don't miss it!

An Insignificant Man chronicles Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party, giving viewers an inside access into Kejriwal’s brand of politics which has split popular opinion like never before.

“A film like this will not get made in India again. This film offers different perspectives. How politics picks its issues, deliberates on them and how conveniently some of these are marginalised. You will walk out of the theatre a better voter after watching all of this.” - Ravish Kumar, NDTV

"Don't miss An Insignificant Man. It's a stirring film that shows how powerful journalism can be when it becomes art."

“Three-act saga of heroes, villains and casualties, told through handheld shots collected over a span of time and from different locations.” - Nandini Ramnath, The Scroll

Yogendra Yadav is Eduardo Saverin to Kejriwal’s ruthless Mark Zuckerberg” - Uday Bhatia, Livemint

Film gets released!


Give ‘An Insignificant Man’ a clear-headed watch, and be surprised by the observations being made by young India — on itself, by itself.

And it is this humour — chancy, deadpan and oddly unsettling — that’s the biggest achievement of this film. We are made to witness (firsthand and not as some lazy mockery) the sheer absurdity of democratic reformation, and the media that observes it."

Tickets available on BookMyShow.

Trailer Release!


Don't miss the groundbreaking non-fiction political thriller that's creating waves across India - An Insignificant Man! The nail-biting, entertainer with REAL footage has been getting standing ovations everywhere and critics love it too

“An Insignificant Man could well be one of Shakespeare’s political plays, only it’s all for real.”
- Namrata Joshi, The Hindu

“It's like the star-driven movies, man. An Insignificant Man is as good as mainstream, big screen entertainment!”
- Mayank Shekhar, Mid-day

Catch the film while its in theatres! Get your tickets at @BookMyShow:

Featuring: Arvind KejriwalYogendra Yadav, Santosh Koli, Manish Sisodia
Directors: Khushboo RankaVinay Shukla
Producer: Anand Gandhi

An Insignificant Man gets set for release on November 11th, partners with VICE


VICE presents: An Insignificant Man.

We are finally releasing in India! Watch it in theaters on 17th November.#Nov17AIM


VR Documentary release: Crossing The Sky


Crossing The Sky

Radhika and Yashoda can travel for up to six hours a day to school and back. They live high in the mountains, in a remote Himalayan village, but getting an education is really important to them. Follow them on their daily journey in this video
For BBC News  in collaboration with Memesys

An Insignificant Man gets passed uncut without NOC!


A big update - we won! Thank you to everyone who has believed in this fight. We did it. We hope that this verdict reaffirms every other filmmaker out there who is looking to tackle hard political subjects in their films.

VR Documentary release: When Borders Move


Hunderman is one of many villages in Jammu and Kashmir that continues to face the trauma inflicted by an uncertain border. It has witnessed four wars and been part of two nations. As the Line of Control has shifted, homes, families and lovers have been torn apart. This is a story of a village that is its own country.

Directed by Shubhangi Swarup. For ElseVR

The International Documentary Association kicks off a campaign against the censorship of An Insignificant Man.


The support for our fight continues to grow everyday. The International Documentary Association has now kicked off a campaign against the censorship of An Insignificant Man. We are grateful to see this kind of a global coalition stitching itself together and standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

Fight against censorship continues, Vinay and Khushboo live on CNN-News18


We spoke to CNN-News18 last night about the censorship being enforced on political films in India right now. 

Best Documentary Prize at the Brooklyn Film Festival!


An Insignificant Man won the Best Documentary Prize at the Brooklyn Film Festival!


EDN - European Documentary Network launched a campaign in support of our film


We are all deeply indebted to everyone who has stood up and spoken for us over the last few days. The EDN - European Documentary Network has launched a campaign in support of our film. Do help spread the word

ElseVR Documentary release: Yeh Ballet


Dancing is a passion of the rich, believes Manish Chauhan , the 21 year old son of a taxi driver in suburban Mumbai. Yet he, like his friend, 15 year old Amiruddin Shah daydream of becoming principal ballet dancers in big American companies. Ballet arrived in their lives as a lucky accident only three years ago, when Yehuda Maor discovered their talent. A scholarship to study in New York’s prestigious Joffrey Ballet School doesn’t materialize after they are rejected for US visas. Today Amir Shah is poised to attend ABT (American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Onassis School). He is being funded by a billionaire Indian scientist Dr Yusuf Hamied chairman of Cipla Since this film was made Amir’s story has caught the global eye and he has been written about and filmed extensively. His BBC story got 2 million hits. Yeh Ballet is the boys’ story before they found global recognition. A Virtual Reality fairytale.

Directed by Sooni Taraporevala 
For ElseVR

Censor Board asks to get NoC from PM Modi


Over the last few months, a lot of you have asked us about the film’s release in India. And you have been right to question why the film is showing everywhere but India. It's been humbling to get all the love and attention internationally but we made this film for our neighbours, friends, crowd funders and strangers who are thirsting for a ringside view of politics. Politicians and political parties impact so much of our lives everyday and we wanted to make a film which was steeped in their world. We applied for a CBFC certificate because it should be possible to screen this film legally in India. However, the last few months have been very difficult. The CBFC has treated us in an arbitrary manner, all the while leaking reports to the media about our film. At the end, they have given us a U/A certificate subject to us getting an NOC from the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister of Delhi and the ex-Chief Minister of Delhi. This is an impossible demand. There is no way we, or any other filmmaker in the future, will be able to fulfil this. But more importantly, this is also an unethical demand. Especially, if we expect artists to fearlessly tell meaningful stories. We cannot progress as a democracy if every statement on politics is regarded as a threat.

Poster featured in Mint Lounge


Our poster has been featured by Mint Lounge amongst "Film posters that break the visual clutter with graphic design treatments and provide an alternative to star-led photography". Read the full aritcle here:

Special shoutout to our poster designers Svabhu Kohli & Viplov Singh. You can see more of their breathtaking art at:-
Svabhu -
Viplov -

Best Documentary prize at the New York Indian Film Festival!


We won the Best Documentary prize at the New York Indian Film Festival!

ElseVR Documentary release: Submerged


Every year during monsoons, the rivers flowing through Bihar submerge over 60 per cent of the state under water. Since the construction of a spate of dams and barrages across the state in the past few decades, the rivers have started to silt and the spill-over water washes away entire villages. In most cases without any warning. In July 2016, in the wake of rising water levels, panicking villagers cut away a portion of a mud dam, leading to a torrential burst of water that inundated hundreds of villages downstream. With houses and crops destroyed, the film moves through the submerged landscape of the people affected by the most devastating flood in Bihar since 2008. Repeated disasters leave people here to live with lower incomes perennially. Directed

By: Nishtha Jain 
For ElseVR

ElseVR Documentary release: Caste Is Not A Rumour.


Caste Is Not A Rumour

In India, the cow has gained prominence as a sacred animal after a Hindutva party came into power. Violence against Dalits and Muslims—traditional consumers of beef—has also increased proportionally. In July 2016, four Dalit men were attacked for doing their caste-based job—skinning a dead cow. The episode was recorded by the perpetrators and went viral on WhatsApp. The incident shocked civil society into action, prompting them to undertake a protest march across 400 kilometres to the original site of violence. The film enters the journey of the protestors and gives an immersive account of the felt injustice and visceral energy of a protest march.

Directed by: Naomi Shah & Pourush Turel For ElseVR

ElseVR Documentary release: When Land Is Lost, Do We Eat Coal?


When Land Is Lost, Do We Eat Coal?

Korba, a small district in Central India is where a fourth of India's coal is mined, mostly for producing electricity. Mining over decades has left the land ravaged, the air and water severely contaminated and the lives of its people, disrupted. Through the story of a tribal woman who is set to lose her land and a local activist fighting for justice, the film seeks to make a comment on the present day development paradigm where those who pay the price for development seldom benefit from it.

Directed by:
Faiza Khan For ElseVR

ElseVR Documentary release: Right To Pray.


Right To Pray

A group of female activists combat the regressive patriarchy that bars their entry into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple of Trimbakeshwar, India. Challenging the notion of impurity of women, and an archaic 450 year old tradition, they seek to exercise their right to pray, against the will of the system and the people.

Directed by: Khushboo Ranka For ElseVR.

VR Video release: Dhaakad Behind The Scenes


Dhaakad Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look of the song 'Dhaakad' from the film DANGAL brought to life by Aamir Khan and Director Nitesh Tiwari. Dangal is an extraordinary true story based on the life of Mahavir Singh and his two daughters, Geeta and Babita Phogat. The film traces the inspirational journey of a father who trains his daughters to become world class wrestlers.

Film is Ready!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our film is ready. 
 The film is now called An Insignificant Man. Here's the new poster.

Backed by the Sundance Documentary Institute


 Our film is now backed by the Sundance Documentary Institute! Previously, Sundance has supported Academy Award winners and nominees like CitizenfourDirty Wars & How To Survive A Plague. This wouldn’t have been possible without our crowd funding backers and others who have supported the project in various ways. Thank you for being there for us, for sharing our posts, for sending us angry emails and for waiting. The edit is done and the final film will be ready soon.




Coming Soon




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If you happen to be such a person, please mail us your CV, a short note describing yourself and links to your work on.

Comming soon


Write to us for collaborations. We will get in touch with you.



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