MemesysCulture Lab

Memesys Culture Lab is a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture.

The studio will actively participate in cinema, literature, pedagogy, technology, art, scientific and philosophical research, and actions of significant social impact.

Anand Gandhi

Anand Gandhi’s first feature film Ship of Theseus premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival ’12 and has since been recognized as “one of the most significant films to come out of India in decades” by critics and audiences, alike. It has won prizes at the international film festivals of London, Dubai, Mumbai, Transilvannia, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and played at Rotterdam, Munich, LA and Sydney among others. It was put on a list of 15 “life-changing” films by the Critics’ Circle, UK. It was presented the National Award in 2014.

Anand has been actively engaged in pioneering cinematic non-fiction in India. He distributed Nishtha Jain’s Gulabi Gang, a documentary feature based on Sampat Pal and her crew of fiery women activists; He produced the hybrid short Newborns that premiered at Toronto.

Zain Memon

Zain Memon is a story-teller, media-tech specialist, futurist and Media-Producer based out of Mumbai, India. He co-founded Memesys Culture Lab, a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. He functions as the CTO-COO, playing a pivotal role in the virtual reality ecosystem out of the Indian subcontinent and has designed state-of-the-art workflows and immersive grammatical tools for Mixed Reality.

In the past few years, Memon has also worked on the world’s first Open Source film project for the critically acclaimed feature film, ‘Ship of Theseus’. In addition, Memon conceptualised and led the most successful crowdfunding campaign India has ever seen, for the documentary feature film ‘An Insignificant Man’ which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.

His well-rounded expertise in storytelling, technology, narrative design, and ludology allows him to bridge the gap between technology and effective storytelling.

Khushboo Ranka
Creative director

Khushboo has had experience in the fields of journalism, graphic design and writing for a number of years, before she moved to filmmaking. "Continuum," a short film she wrote and directed at the age of 20, won the best short film at the Hannover Film Festival. She next co-wrote the internationally acclaimed fiction feature film “Ship of Theseus.” Her versatility gave rise to her latest projects, “An Insignificant Man,” her first feature documentary film, and ‘Right to Pray’, a unique virtual reality experience, the first of its kind from India. Both films are set to premiere at TIFF 2016.

Vinay Shukla

Vinay’s persisting fascination with the Indian politics has shaped two acclaimed narrative projects for him: “Bureaucracy Sonata,” a short film he wrote and directed in 2011, which premiered at 42nd International Film Festival of India and won the HBO Best Short Film Award in New York at SAIFF 2012; and “An Insignificant Man,” a feature documentary film he shot, wrote, and directed, which will play at major international festivals in 2016. A theatre actor in the past, he featured in the internationally acclaimed film “Ship of Theseus.”

Neil Pagedar
Head Of Content

Neil Pagedar is a writer and filmmaker. Neil has formerly worked on documentaries for Films Division. He is currently working on his first novel. Neil comes from a strong storytelling tradition, and is easily excited by ideas. He is deeply interested in history, culture, and music, and is a natural at drawing narrative out of concepts, and tech ideas. Neil is a hobbyist musician.

Pooja Shetty
Head of Design

Pooja Shetty is an architect and designer. She has previously worked for UN- Habitat’s low cost housing project in Iraq. She has been the production designer for Ship of Theseus, and Tumbad. Pooja is also an illustrator and is working on an illustrated guide to astounding animal species. For the past few years she has been working independently in architecture and design. Pooja’s prolific nature and knack for high-concept thinking helps her dabble in writing, research, and technology.



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We are constantly seeking people interested in the intersections of art, science and philosophy who could be: filmmakers, cinematographer, editors, writer or designers producers, media strategists or community connectors scientists and researchers with the desire to communicate their field’s ideas, researchers and writers in evolutionary biology, neuroscience, genetics, nanotechnology and particle physics.

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